Top 2 revolution in the history of cricket by cricket betting tips free:

#1. T20 Cricket:

Taking T20 in cricket is the biggest revolution in this century. If we seen T20 cricket is just 12 years old in the cricket at international this period T20 grown very fast and get highest popularity.
If we talk about T20 in 6 T20 world Cup there have always different winner which shows that this
is the game in which no particular team can win for long time.


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Now according to match If any team which has good time on the Field (Normal time of the T20 game 3.5 hour) will apparent the victory. But if we compere T20 to test match in this format there will a chance after that you can come back too in the match but in the T20 it can’t possible.

This T20 get so popularity that all test playing countries started there own T20 leagues. Due to this T20 game Players also have changes their gameplay in all format in the game also improve their betting skill.
If we see the total and induvial run ratio Individual scores of 150 and above are a regularity in ODI whereas teams score 350 in an ODI innings on a consistent basis. So, this is beneficial to chase down easily by the opposite team.

 So, by all this and many other records we think that T20 is too popular among the people and it is increasing too fast.

#2. Day- night Test matches series:

Test match all mean that a long-time match with many interesting turn. it turns more interesting when the concept of playing test matches in light with red ball come. This concept introduced by ICC in year 2015. It a great step taken by community.

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 Since this, 6 matches have been played under light 3 matches in Australia, 2 in Dubai, 1 in England, and all matches result is going very good South Africa are to play at Test under lights the match was very interesting against Zimbabwe and New Zealand too will host England for a day-night Test early next year.

It will be great time to see when India will play its first day-night Test. As we in the sources concept of playing Test under list was also introduced at domestic level so we think all match are going to be interesting