1. All payment will be done in single installment of package and all payment will be advance. We mention all packages in website time to time so don’t ask any other package because no changes will be done in our package.

2. We don’t give any demo or any trail so please don’t waste your time to ask demo or trail of our service, if you want to see or check our service then keep checking website we post some match tips on website on alternate days.

3. In our service we guarantee you overall 90% accuracy. Some times because of some reason we couldn’t get right report on time so in this situation we don’t work of risk we clearly say to our clients that please don’t play this match because we have not sure news.

4. Sometimes people ask that sir how many jackpot matches you will give in a month so we want to say clear that jackpot matches are not fix or pre planned, we can say these matches spot fixing match so when we get then we will tell you all about in running match.

Once you have done payment then you will added in our list and you will get all news on whatsapp, so you have to online on whatsapp at the time of match. In a running match you can’t do any message or call, you will get all news and follow only what we say.

Thanks & Best Of luck